Probably the last good chance for decent storms in 2014.  High instability,  moist boundary layer, and a modified/remnant EML at mid levels were the PROS – one big CON:  Upper level flow lagged off to the NW and meant that precip would fall into adjacent updrafts and morphology would quickly shift to linear/outflow dominant mode.

Still meant there would be some decent shelf related structure and was able to document a nice Whale’s Mouth and precip core at London, Ontario:

IMG_1217web cropTypical scuddy features along the edge of the core:

IMG_1211web cropNice juxtaposition of Whale’s Mouth updraft and precip core:

IMG_1225web cropCore grew and eventually obscured my view of the structure:

IMG_1243web cropNice little event that could have been ‘more’ with better mid/upper level support!