January 14, 2010

Some scenes along historic Cannery Row, which is cool but now a little touristy for my  tastes:

Why Cannery Row is famous:

The wonderful Monterey Plaza and Spa:

It could get a little cool at night so they had heaters out on the deck at Schooners – great place to have dinner outdoors:

Moon over Monterey:

I had negotiated a generous daily breakfast credit at The Duck Club when booking – here is some decor just before dawn:

The absolute crack of dawn – look closely on the left side of the image:


Sun over Monterey:

So we arrived at the Monterey Whale Watch Center – only to find our pre-booked tour was canceled due to high winds out in the Pacific (remember the upper level sort wave trough heading SE from the Aleutians).  The tour we booked is guided by a Marine Biologist, and I was looking forward to photographing the tails of Humpback and Grey Whales sticking straight out of the water.  Oh well.

The Monterey Marina and Fishermans Wharf offered some nice early morning scenes.

This is a working wharf and much less touristy that the famous one up in San Francisco.

Gotta love the Brown Pelicans!!

This marina scene oddly reminds me of some of the scenes in the opening of ‘Gilligan s Island’ – a ‘three hour tour’!